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Who are they?

CODE Yachts is a Hungarian boat design and manufacturing company that produces and distributes 8- and 10-meter-long carbon racing sailboats. The specialty of their boats lies in the materials used, the expertise and the passion that goes into their design and manufacture.

With the support of the Széchenyi Funds, this dedication and quality is now shared with the world.

In order to enter foreign markets, the production of the CODE8 and CODE10 racing boats was further developed in 2020. Their staff have many years of experience in shipbuilding and the name of the design engineer Andrej Justin is a trademark in the whole industry.

Their quality assurance system guarantees perfect quality and customer satisfaction.

All CODE boats are built with outstanding precision and durability, are of exceptional strength, safe to sail, and suitable for travels around the world as they are certified by Germanischer Lloyd.

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